Dependent Care Professional Travel Grant Application

Dependent Care Professional Travel Grant Application

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs offers eligible postdoctoral trainees (see eligibility details below) a taxable grant for qualified short-term dependent care expenses incurred when traveling to attend professional meetings, conferences, workshops, and professional development opportunities. The grant will be funded at a level intended to provide full compensation for approved expenses up to a maximum of $850 post-tax per academic year.



The Dependent Care Professional Development Grant can cover the cost of:

-Additional dependent care at home
-On-site dependent care
-Transportation of a dependent and/or caregiver

When postdoctoral trainees are participating in activities including:

-Professional meetings, conferences, and/or workshops
-Professional development programs, such as networking events, invited speaking events, or extended training workshops
-Travel to visit to archives, perform fieldwork, and/or other non-regular travel related to research

Qualifying dependents include:
-A child under 18 who is in your custody;
-A spouse/partner who is incapable of self-care; and/or
-A dependent who lives with you, such as an adult child, a parent, sibling, or in-law who is incapable of self-care and whom you claim as a dependent on your tax return

This grant is considered a separate grant from the Professional Development Travel Grant. Postdoctoral trainees may apply for both grants simultaneously.



Applicants must have a University-designated title of Postdoctoral Fellow (see below) from any Northwestern department, research center, institute or school to be considered. Research associates and research faculty are not eligible for this grant program.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Fellow, Direct Fellowship
Postdoctoral Fellow-Dept. of Education
NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow
Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow

-Applicants must be a current postdoctoral fellow at time of application and travel.
-Applicants must have completed at least six months of postdoctoral training at Northwestern by the time of travel.
-Applicants must apply and be approved for a travel grant before their anticipated travel dates.
-Applicants are eligible to receive $850 post-tax in total compensation each academic year. If expenses are less than $850 for a single travel event, more than one request may be submitted for the academic year until the maximum post-tax amount of $850 is reached.



Grants will be paid as ad pay through the regular payroll system and considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service. An additional 25% of the grant amount will be added to the total grant award to cover the applicable taxes (i.e., if you are awarded $850, the total amount of funds you receive will be $1,062.50).



Below are a few examples of situations in which grant funding would be allowable to cover incremental dependent care costs. These examples are meant to be illustrative, not exhaustive. If you have questions about whether a particular situation is covered under the terms of the policy, please contact Lindsey Martin ( for clarification.

Example 1: In order to present their work at a conference, a postdoctoral trainee must travel and stay overnight. No home care for their children is available, so the children will travel with them. The postdoc could apply for the grant to cover the airfare for their children as well as the cost of on-site day-care available at the conference.

Example 2: The trainee will travel overnight to a conference and could arrange with the daytime nanny to stay overnight with their children at home. The trainee could apply for a grant to cover the incremental cost of the nanny staying overnight with their children.

Example 3: The postdoctoral trainee who ordinarily provides care for their father in their home, plans to attend the annual conference of a professional association in their field. The postdoctoral trainees could apply for a grant to hire a care-giver to stay with their father during their planned absence.

Example 4: A postdoctoral trainee will conduct fieldwork in another state for two weeks and must take their young child with them. The postdoc could apply for a grant to cover the cost of airfare and on-site care for their child for the duration of their fieldwork.



1) Complete the form below *at least 30 days prior to your travel but no more than 90 days before traveling.*

2)Postdoctoral trainees will receive notice of a decision within 1-2 weeks after receipt of their application. An email will notify the trainee of the awarded dollar amount.

3) Postdoctoral trainees MUST submit receipts documenting incurred expenses along with an itemized expense budget within 14 days of returning from travel. The budget and receipts should be submitted to Lindsey Martin at Failure to submit receipts within fourteen days may result in the loss of the award and may affect eligibility for future Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Travel Grants.